Theres no need to treat these be nice anymore. I will show more attitude and spare no mercy anymore


Just tell me how many lies do I get from u.

It seems I will nvr get truth from you. 

Im so sad anf disappointed.

Right now I just feel sian about it.

Why a simple promise to update me your location can be so hard. Sighs. Disappointed and gave up caring you about

You. Yes you. Rljh 

feeling sad again

Today I saw r again..outside augustus room. Its feel so terrible. Feel painful. I just dont know they dont know what she has been doing and up to. Seeing her walking off with sh. I feel so painful ;(

How I wish she can me and let me.feel.better.

I just cant take take this shit anymore. The feeling of jealousy its.super painful. 


Why cant she just fucked off and lemme feel better. 😦




13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

Hahahaha. Probably this will be my checklist when I am ready for my next one.

Thank you s for eeverything. You really impacted my life alot. You have taught me how to pick up my depressing life to a happy life

To be myself. To believe im aint that bad

Giving me courage and a string mindset.

If you aint attach probably I would have woo you. Im just kidding.


Side note:  best friends cant be lover. 😦 I really do not want to lose you


been wanting to post this


The clocks clearly displays the time now is 0233am. Hope I will be asleep by 3am. I just wanna jot this feeling down before I forget.


Let first talk about sad matter. Loserly, I have been texting r. Knowing that I shouldn’t text her but insisted myself to. I read this article about meetig ur ex in the streets and asking them how are you.   Well I been lying to myself with this article. Making use of this article so that I could say hi to my ex. Well. R was been nice and texted back. And from then on we have been exchanging messages to a point she don’t feel like replying me anymore.


I guess slowly I became a nuisance. I am Starting to feel back de same way was before. Nevertheless, I promised s and my god sis that I will never patch or get back tgt with her as I will cause myself to be in misery again.

Apparently lim didnt reply at all. I could feel theres no form.of returning back or salvaging it as a friend anymore.  Im sorry lim, everytime I think of you. It of your family trip to mbs. You were thst special to me. That’s mesmerising to me. That’s courteous and gentle. Im sorry that I hurted you 😦

Updates about my life. Last friday 28 march. I watched captain anerica with neo and bay.   It was a good movie. Love the action scene and mystical power they have in them

.   A week ago caught a movie divergent. Really makes me feel that life aint about making choices. But is about making a choice and you live with it and aint regret.

Gradually I realised they became my movies buddies. You see it made me reflect only when im single and free, I can choose freely to watch movie my friendship and brotherhood. but when im attached. I care so much about de relationship. I know its unhealthy. But to me, once we commit to each other. I will give u my faithfulness and trust andmy time